Ander Galisteo

I strongly believe that the greatest contribution to society comes from taking cutting-edge technology and bringing it to as many people as possible. I do this by working with companies and supporting their development, researching unknown and exciting areas, and disseminating science and its beautiful applications whenever possible. How can I help you?

About me


Telematics Engineering at IMDEA Networks and UC3M. Worked on OpenVLC, an open source embedded platform for Visible Light Communication.


Collaborating with companies into the industry 4.0, making cibersecure embedded system to comply with the requirements of the standarts and the markets.

Artificial Intelligence enthusiast

Currently pursuing a 3 year course to specialize my skills in the area of AI.


January 2022 MBA cohort of Quantic School of Business, with an acceptance rate below 7%. Graduated with Honors.

Director of Engineering

Managing teams to align the company values with company action, always prioritizing the customer's and the employees satisfaction. Happy developer, happy team, happy project, happy customer.


Researcher with multiple papers in top journals and conferences, always trying to prioritize practicality when innovating.


Teacher in several universities and countries, passionate about taking my knowledge and bringing it to the next generation of professionals. No subject is boring if the class is interesting.


Taking cutting edge science to a broader audience in a simple way, so that everyone understands it. No one will see the importance of science if it does not understand it.